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Steve de Castro

"The Godfather"
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

I am the prime example of an individual who is living "The American Dream." Having been born and raised in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I immigrated to the United States and began my life in the restaurant industry, where I immediately found my calling. After a brief stint working for my mentor, friend and founder of Ruth's Chris Steak House, Ruth Fertel I was dispatched to Washington, DC and began to fulfill my destiny by building a niche within the challenging and high stakes world of 5-star restaurant management. By 1992, I was the proud franchisee of my own Ruth's Chris restaurant and now operate 10 restaurants, clubs and banquet facilities in Maryland, North Carolina and New Jersey. Giving back to my community is critically important to me. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…My Commitment to Integrity, Community and Family.

A.J. Ali

"The Coach"

Known as "The Coach", I am the Creator of Good Fellas of Baltimore. I am an award-winning producer, writer and actor and it is my vision to make Good Fellas of Baltimore a force of change for good in Baltimore. My belief in the simple power of "loving thy neighbor" to transform communities, the city and surrounding areas is being put to the ultimate test with the show and the movement, The MOB (Mentors Of Baltimore). My plan is to take reality television to a whole new level with a potent mix of entertainment, education and social responsibility. Want to transform your life? Read my book, "The True Champion's 30-Day Challenge," co-authored by me and Vera Jones ( I am the creator and a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…Selfless Service and Positive Powerful Vision.

Vince Sharps

"The Closer"
Graphic Press

As the son of a retired U.S. Air Force officer, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the country and the world with a great deal of my formative years being raised in Europe. I attribute my world-view and character to this upbringing abroad. Traveling the world at a young age and seeing how fortunate I was compared to people in other countries made a deep impression, laying a firm foundation for the power of compassion. After settling in Maryland I became a partner in my first printing firm in my early twenties and have been in the printing industry ever since. As a young entrepreneur this platform enabled & encouraged me to be an advocate for people in my community and beyond, something firmly instilled in me by my father and a trait I hope to pass on to my son. I support & sponsor many networking organizations in the area and I am one of the founding members of Network For a Cure and Baltimore Business Networking. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…the Power of Compassion.

William Peach

Associate Broker for Coldwell Banker

I think the success I have enjoyed to this point has come from my desire to build truly lifelong relationships with my clients. My hope is that I'll not only be their agent for life, but I'll one day be their children's agent, and their children's children's agent! I am a forward thinker offering a valuable depth of service in the areas of mortgage lending, real estate appraisal, and construction. The most important thing to me is to improve the quality of life of my clients, friends and family and to prove worthy of their trust and long-term relationships. To achieve financial freedom through ethical practices and to lead a happy, full, and balanced life; this is the reason I get up in the morning and power through the day. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…When the Going Gets Tough, I've Got Your Back.

Ken Rochon

Perfect Networker

I am an Author, Linguist, Mixer, World Photographer and Traveler. I was born in Warwick, Rhode Island, the son of an Army officer who took me around the world. My Dad taught me the importance of building character and never quitting. I have been to 65 countries as a result of being brought up outside the U.S.A. and still love to connect with the world. I attended Johns Hopkins University to follow in my father's footsteps and became an officer in the U.S. Army. After being commissioned, I found a greater purpose in education, and taught Physical Science in Prince George's County for four years. I have studied 12 languages and hope to visit at least 100 countries, encourage others to expand their acceptance through cultural education. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…Building Loving Connections Through Powerful Communication.

Brian Jarosinski

Gateway Capitol Financial, an office of MetLife

Known about town as "B-Money", I am a holistically-minded financial professional and an accomplished Baltimore City entrepreneur. I seek to serve my clients by helping them in nearly every aspect of life, from insurance, and financial literacy to asset protection and building wealth. I also stay very active as a model and actor, and helping to coordinate events of all types in Baltimore. My passion has always been helping others and doing what I can to give the other guy a leg up. I support many charities in the area and eagerly seek to become an outlet for positive change in the city, the region and the country. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is… Courage and 100% Commitment to Excellence. L0511180818[exp0612][MD]

Elio Scaccio

"The Voice"
Classical Vocalist & Insurance Agent for Perry Hall Insurance Brokers

I live my life with passion, love, and integrity. It is the passion that carries me into my music as a classical vocalist and songwriter. I have been singing since the age of 8, and have never looked back. Pouring my heart into the music I sing, taking the love I have for life and transferring that into the songs I write is one of the most rewarding things I have done. As a loving husband and devoted family man, I live my life for my family and try to bring joy to others I am in contact with. It is the integrity that I bring to my business as a personal and commercial insurance agent that allows me to assist others with the necessity of insurance protection. I have a positive outlook on life and am forever in search of the silver lining. I live by the words "do unto others as you would have done to you". I give of myself freely, see the good in others, and always offer a caring hand to those in need in my community. I am a member of Good Fellas of Baltimore and what you can count on me for is…Respect and Commitment to Community.

What people are saying:

One of Macy's brand values is Give Back. We encourage our associates and customers to make a difference in their community whether it is thru monetary giving or volunteering. We encourage citizens to make a difference, even if it is one person at a time. Macy's values mirror those of the Good Fellas. People helping people and encouraging your neighbor, co worker or family member to be a a part of the solution.

Julie Epps
Macy's, Region Coordinator of Employee Volunteerism
Mid-Atlantic Region